The Temple and the Sabbath in Matt. 24

I think the general consensus among most modern believers is that Matt. 24 or the Olivet Discourse is a description of events which are yet to come. However, I believe there are clear time indicators that demonstrate these events had to take place during the first century.

To begin with, the question that sparks the discussion among the disciples is, “when will these things take place.” The “these things” include the destruction of the Temple, which of course took place as predicted by Yeshua within that generation in 70 AD.

A second point is the mention of the Sabbath in v. 20:

Mat 24:20: “But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:”

Now, while I believe the Sabbath is indeed for all men, this plea from Yeshua could only have had the significant impact intended on the Jews of the first century (or, Jews in any century for that matter) because of their strict observance of the Sabbath prohibitions. To say that this is still for the general population 2000 years later who do NOT practice Sabbath observance, what use would it be?

These are the types of inconsistencies that futurists face when reviewing this passage from that perspective.