About this Site

This site is based on the premise that the Bible is true, from Genesis to Revelation, and that it is a communication from the one true God to his creation. Throughout the pages here, the Bible is examined from several perspectives that may be unfamiliar to many people. Three main views are explored and interwoven through various writings, videos, and audio podcasts.

  • First, there is only one God, the Father. This site recognizes a unitarian (i.e., non-trinitarian) view of God.
  • Second, God’s torah (the Hebrew word for guidance or instruction) is eternal, and is not just confined to a set of rules in the first five books of the Bible. God’s torah is the true instruction from God. In the past, torah was passed orally from generation to generation. Now it resides within all the pages of Scripture, and culminates in the accounts and teachings of Messiah and the early believers. Torah is for everyone, not just Jews. However, having a Hebraic understanding of the culture, context, and literary styles of the Bible is absolutely essential for reaching valid conclusions about what God, through the Bible, seeks to teach us about himself and his eternal rule and reign.
  • Third, this site views prophetic events from a preterist position. This is the understanding that prophecy in the Bible has had past fulfillment, and we can view the historical events that demonstrate the validity of this, substantiating the faithfulness of God to his people. As an example, this view states that we are not currently in any last days, as the Biblical last days took place two thousand years ago.

I hesitated to state these categories up front, as many Christians (the primary audience of this site) may be immediately turned off based on their own personal committed beliefs. From a mainstream Christian perspective, the assertions above may seem like heretical statements. However, I believe in being open and transparent, and it is my hope that some of our friends and family (and any curious visitors stopping by) who may not fully understand these ideas may at least be curious enough to explore this site and these views a little more.

Welcome to all, and I hope you are encouraged through what you may find here!